A Clean Asian Skincare Brand

I'm a huge believer in Asian skincare (especially for my Asian skin).  For some reason, Asian brands always work better for me- maybe something to do with the R&D?  Anyways, since I started my journey towards "cleaner" skincare, I had to (very hesitantly) give up a lot of my old faves (SKII, Shiseido, most of my BB Creams).  Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Peach & Lily reached out and told me about a brand that they were loving called Aromatica.  Aromatica is a Korean skincare company that prides itself on clean ingredients and even comes with a EWG rating inside the box!

Their top seller is the Rose Absolute Serum.  It's an all in one toner and serum that is supposed to improve skin tone, hydrate and keep acne at bay.  The texture (because it's a toner and serum) is a bit slimy.  But no fear, it sinks into the skin quite nicely.  I put a few drops into my palm and pat, pat, pat away (much like I did with the SKII Facial Treatment Essence). 

I always follow with a few drops of the Neroli Brightening Facial oil...which smells amazing...like tea. 

The combo is a dream come true for any girl who, like me, prefers Asian Skincare brands but is still struggling to find a clean one!

Ps- I'm also in love with their essential oils!

You can get it here