A Must Have Natural Conditioner

Ok...for something that washes down the drain, this shit's expensive.  But, I've tried TONS of shampoos and conditioners during my clean beauty transformation and until now, no (natural) conditioner has compared to my old (and dirty) favorites.  

Since I went Ombre, the ends of my hair have never been the same- dry, crispy, split- and most natural conditioners haven't been able to cut it, leaving my hair very unhappy.  

It might cost you an arm and a leg, but trust me, if you use Yarok Volume Conditioner- no one will notice your missing limbs because they'll be too dazzled with your hair.  The Yarok conditioner feels like Pantene.  Immediately after putting it on, your hair detangles, feels silky smooth (like conditioned hair should feel) and my ends look healthy and nourished.  

It has a creamy texture to it and smells light and uplifting- like sweet orange.  I can't say enough about the conditioner.  I love it.

The shampoo is great as well, and if you can afford it, I say go for it...

However, it doesn't stand out from any other Shampoo I've tried, as a matter of fact, I like the Rahua shampoo better.  

When I use the Rahua shampoo with Yarok conditioner, my hair stays clean looking for longer.  

But to each their own.  I wouldn't skip on the conditioner though....so good.

You can get it here