A Natural Proactive

Got zits?  Skin not happy? I feel ya.  I've been battling with major break outs for the past several months...I even dabbled back into questionable ingredients (eek) to get my skin behaving again.  However, after discovering Evologie, I realized that best of both worlds is a real thing.  

I was definitely a Proactive subscriber in my teens.  There's something super easy about a the Step 1,2,3 model- brainless really- and Evologie can't get easier than that.

Cleanser, Serum, Cream.  Done. 

The cleanser is a simple, no nonsense foaming cleanser that leaves your skin squeaky clean- without stripping it.  The serum has a gritty texture and if you put too much on, it leaves a filmy residue.  But it works really well in combating your pimples and preventing more from uprising.  The cream is a really light, everyday moisturizer and tops off the regimen nicely.

Anti-acne products can get really scary in terms of ingredients- toxic chemicals galore.  I love that I have a clean option to head towards when my skin is acting out again.

Has your skin been unhappy now that the weather's getting sticky icky?  What have you been using?

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