A Scent That Calms You Instantly

Hey New Yorkers- hell- Hey World...anyone out there fried, wired, need some chillaxing time?  Tata Harper's Aromatic Stress Treatment is said to help dispel anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.

  • Linden Blossom deeply calms with its sedative properties
  • Rose Otto gently alleviates anxiety and strengthens the inner spirit
  • Fresh floral Neroli uplifts and soothes the nerves; can help alleviate panic attacks, hysteria and shock
  • Frankincense deepens the breathing and relaxes mind and body

Just  apply to pulse points: inside wrists, on temples and each side of neck.  If your'e wiggin out...apply liberally to palms, rub hands together and inhale deeply- a minimum of 5 deep breaths.  Do this as often as you need.  It's like a mini-meditation in a bottle!

You can get yours here