A year of favorites...

Wow, 2013 was the first full year of OurWonderLust and as all relationships go, I dove in head first, became fully obsessed, learned a lot, fell in love with new wonders and decided to break up with some old favorites.  Those who follow OWL closely know that I made a huge shift from mostly dirty (makeup and skincare ingredients) and a little bit clean to mostly clean with a little bit of dirty.  As my personal life shifted towards self care and self love so did my choices in lifestyle, spirituality and ultimately what I put on my face and in my body.

Here's what I discovered about clean beauty (click on links to read more):

The wisdom (and beauty rituals) of the Geisha is the path towards glowing skin.     

On average, we use 12 beauty products a day resulting in exposure to over 100 chemicals before leaving the bathroom in the morning!

Natural deoderant actually works better than regular deodorants and bonus- they won't make you sick!

Coconut oil is without a doubt the most amazing thing on earth!

You can never go wrong with RMS.

The perfect natural mascara does exist!

Wear sunscreen...yes, even in the winter.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

What wonders did you pick up in 2013?