Best of the Clean Body Lotions

As you can see, I've been experimenting with different body lotions that don't contain toxins but still keep my arms and legs moisturized and soft.  It hasn't been easy.  For most of my life, I was extremely loyal (and slightly addicted) to the Neutrogena Moisture Wrap.  This was the only product that kept my skin feeling smooth and nourished all day long without any dryness (even into the next day).  It was amazing.  However, the ingredients totally suck and since I'm on the journey to clean beauty, I could no longer reconcile using something toxic every single day- especially when its sole intention was to absorb into my skin.

So, I began collecting cleaner versions that promised to keep my skin hydrated, moisturized, soft and safe.  Believe it or not, the Whole Foods Maximum Moisture Body Lotion was the absolute winner with Bogavia as a close runner up (Bogavia smells amazing- like creamsicles).  I mix the Acure with my FEZ body serum to prolong the life of the very expensive FEZ- plus the Acure doesn't work great without that extra boost.  The Pacifica came in last place...smell wasn't as yummy as it sounds and didn't keep my skin scale free. 

You can get all of these at Whole Foods. 

Help, what have you been using this season to keep your skin feeling moisturized?