Brand Discovery: Osmia Organics

I was super excited when the ladies at Osmia Organics asked me to try some of their products.  I've heard awesome things about the line and founder Sarah Villafranco has a wonderful story behind starting Osmia.  I love hearing about people who go after their dreams.  Not only does it take cahonees to do something bold like that, it's also inspiring and makes me believe that anything is possible. 

The first thing I reached for when this beautiful package of goodies arrived was the Facial Calibration Serum. Each oil was carefully selected to balance oily skin and this combination gal needed some balancing.  My skin was breaking out a lot from using oils high in Oleic acid (so I think...still examining).  Good news, this product did not break me out.  The texture was light and it left my skin feeling soft...with no grease!   

The body oils were magnificent! The Night Body oil was my favorite.  It's literally the best smelling body oil I've even rivals my all time favorite (FEZ) and that's no easy thing.   

The Luster Lip Gloss smells like vanilla!  It's lightly tinted and one of my favorite lip products to keep in my pocket.  It leaves a nice stain, smells great and hydrates my lips like a charm...who could as for more? 

I've saved the best for last!  Ever since I discovered the power of clay in Japan, I can't get enough!  My skin feels amazing after using this magic bar.  I'm very, very picky when it comes to cleansers.  I want my skin feeling squeaky clean, yet toned and balanced- not tight.  This bar does the trick and my pores look clearer too!

PS- They're releasing a limited edition Earth Day body soap called Stracciatella that features Oh So soap as a base and Black Clay Facial Soap shavings inside!!!

Osmia is an all around great, clean brand and has something for everyone.

You can get it all here