California Naturel And My New Favorite Moisturizer

I was pretty psyched when I first heard about this product.  The ingredients were designed to target oilier skin and could possibly help with my breakouts.  I was dying to try their cleanser and they were nice enough to send me the entire line. 

Cut to the review so I don't lose you...these products are that good and I don't want you to miss out.

1) Gentle Cleansing Gel:  Contains all my "must haves" in a cleanser- bubbles up, leaves no residue but doesn't strip my skin.  The ingredients are swoon worthy and this stuff even removes makeup.  The gel-like consistency is a nice break from heavier foaming cleansers and I love that it bubbles up enough to use with my Clarisonic Mia if I wanted to.

2) Balancing Complex:  This could be one of my favorite products of 2014.  It is amazing.  Like I've been writing in recent posts, my skin has not been happy and I think the culprit has to be some of the heavier oils I've been using on my face.  Though this product contains all the ingredients in typical facial oils- olive, argan, jojoba, etc.  This facial "oil" is more like a facial water or essence.  The texture is super liquidy, yet manages to be super hydrating as just sinks into the skin and your face is glowing.  I don't know how they do it but this "water oil" should be in a category all on its own.  

3) Nourishing Cream:  Since my skin in combo/oily, I gave this product to my mother-in-law to try.  She's hooked.  She, like me, is a skincare lover and has tried many types of moisturizers from drugstore to high end.  This is now her go to.  She says that it sinks into her skin like magic (where as with other moisturizers she had to wait a while before putting on makeup).  She also used to struggle with dryness around the mouth area, but no more.  She loves the rich texture of this cream but also how it leaves her skin hydrated and balanced.

4) SPF-  I'm still waiting for an SPF that's natural, won't leave white streaks, sinks into the skin like my old favorite "watery spf's" but without the toxic chemical sunblocks.  Unfortunately this one does not check all boxes.  But, if you're looking for a great natural SPF for you baby or kids- who don't care about white streaks or silky smooth texture (meaning you just want them safe without the chemicals)- this is a good one to try.

All in all, I'm super duper impressed with California Naturel.  I'm glad that I finally discovered a brand that truly gets combo/oily skin.  

ps- my face is clearing up and just in time for summer! 

You can get it here