Clean Pits

Everyone by now has read about how terrible antiperspirant can be for your health.  If you look it up, words like "breast cancer", "DNA altering" and "cell damage" pop up– it's hard to ignore.  I'm trying to "clean up" my act and monitor the toxins that I consciously put into my body, so why not start with deodorant.

Truth is most natural deodorants plain stink...and I mean that literally.  They simply don't work and when weighing humiliation due to body odor against possible risks of using Aluminum...not stinking usually wins.

Enter SoapWalla...Hallelujah– a deodorant that gives me the best of both worlds.  I love this stuff.  I'm not going to lie and say that my pits feel and smell baby powder fresh from morning 'til night.  But, I will say that even though it gets a little damp under there, it doesn't smell at all (not like BO, not like lilies, not like anything...just scentless), which is good enough for me and tilts the scale towards natural deodorant as my number one option these days.      

Plus, this might sound gross, but I like the manual application (you rub it in with your fingers).  Don't judge- it feels good!  Plus, it doesn't give me that desert dry armpit feeling even soap doesn't wash away and the peace of mind is, well, priceless. 

PS- My husband, who is a major sweater– sometimes stinker– has been using this as well (he has no choice, I threw away all of our antiperspirant/deodorant) and is loving it too. 

Would you give this natural deodorant a try?

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