Coo coo for Coconut Oil

I'm having a major love affair with coconut oil (don't tell my other skincare products).  I'm cleaning my face with it, using it as a moisturizer and even making my husband cook with it.  It would blow your mind to read about how many health benefits and uses this magical oil has. 

  • natural deodorant
  • SPF 4
  • heals scars
  • makeup remover
  • butter and olive oil replacement (in cooking or on toast)
  • hair mask
  • moisturizer

(mind blown yet?  If not the list goes

A little over a month ago I developed this rash/breakout thingy on my face (gnarly).  But in a way I was glad that it happened because the experience inspired me to "clean up" my skincare routine and incorporate toxin free products into my line up (I discovered some amazing brands in the process). 

During those few weeks, while my face was healing, I wouldn't let anything touch it other than the RMS coconut oil.  I used it to cleanse my face, moisturize it, help heal the break out and as a light SPF during the day.  In a very short period of time, my skin was clear with very little scarring or hyperpigmentation. 

I credit this completely to the coconut oil...since, like I said, it was the only thing I used. 

I particularly love the RMS brand.  The coconut oil is raw, organic, unrefined and virgin- everything you'd want in your coconut oil (for skin and food).  RMS is kicking ass in the clean department and I also can't say enough about their Living Luminizer!

How do you use your coconut oil?

You can get coo coo for coconut oil here