Crazy about RMS

I wouldn't say that I seek out all-natural products, but when I find something that I love and it just so happens to be good for me...bonus! I've been reading a lot about RMS lately, an organic cosmetics line created by Rose-Marie Swift (most famously known for her work with Miranda Kerr). 

Even though, Matte Skin will be all the rage come fall, the sun is finally here in NYC and I'm ready look dewy, glowy and of course...flawless.   

With this goal in mind, I decided get their three top sellers– Un Cover-Up, Lip2Cheek and the Living Lumnizer

I brought them home and started to experiment in front of my new (yet very old-school) "makeup mirror." My best friend, Sydni, would be proud...apparently they're huge in the South... I digress. 

I believe that 'experiement' is an accurate word describe my experience with RMS because they look like small paint pots.  You can mix and match and use as you please (on the lips, as a highlighter, eye-shadow, primer, foundation, concealer, moisturizer– you get the point).  Plus, whichever way you choose to paint, it looks just all looks gooood!

Un Cover-Up:

  • I bought shade #22
  • It feels a bit grainy in the pot, but goes on the skin smooth as coconut oil (first ingredient).  
  • It's sheer coverage.  Will even out skin tone, but won't cover scars.  Does an OK job at dark circles (see pic of me with still visible dark circles).
  • Lasts 4-5 hours max: But apparently, this was a goal of Ms. Swift.  She feels it's unnatural for anything to stay on your skin too long.  Though I find it inefficient, I agree. 
  • Totally brightens you complexion. 
  • The best part is that you feel good about using it.  It just feels right on the skin, ya know?


  • I bought mine in Rapture
  • I LOVE this product.  It's highly pigmented and looks amazing on the lips and cheek– a very China Doll/ Opium Den look.
  • Also, lasts about 4 hours.  ALSO, feels amazing on the skin and really fun to dab on.

 Living Luminizer:

  • Probably the most cult product in the RMS line.  Into The Gloss was raving about it years ago and people are still obsessed.  You can now add me to the koolaid line. 
  • It doesn't sparkle, it doesn't glitter, it doesn't even highlight.  It just Livens your skin, Luminizes it (hence the name?). 
  • The simplest and most reliable of all three products.  Best part, it only contains FOUR ingredients- that's nothing short of magic. 

You can get it here


 What's your Spring look going to be?