DIY: Brighten Your Skin With Lemons

A girl's gotta get creative when she's participating in #NoBuyJanuary.  That's right, I'm abstaining from purchasing any skincare or make up items for the entire month of January- pigs are flying people! To tell you the's amazing where your energy goes when it isn't spent shopping...ex. #BestDayOfMyLife Challenge.

I have a love/hate relationship with DIY.  I consider myself very creative and crafty (I can whip up a friendship bracelet or distress your jeans on command).  But when it comes to skincare, I've always thought, why DIY when they can DIB (Do It Better).

With that said...I don't think anyone can DIB (or fresher) than organic lemons, split in half, placed immediately onto skin (via cotton pad). 

Before I began my journey to get skincare clean, I was obsessed with exfoliating pads.  However, all of the ones I loved were filled with toxic crap and I had to live without them for a while. 


1) Soak one cotton pad with fresh lemon juice

2) Add a squirt of Thayers Toner (or your regular gentle toner)

3) Wipe all over face

Voila...brightening/ exfoliating facial pad.  It even tingles like the store bought ones!