DIY: Cucumber Facial

I know this girl at work who (after 5 years of working together) actually looks younger than the day I met her...and she's in her 40's.  One day, I finally asked her, "What's your secret?"  At which point she emphatically said, "cucumbers."  Cucumbers.  As a beauty blogger, I've come across plenty of masks and potions that claim cucumber as their miracle ingredient...but, until now, I've never believed that it could do much. 

I mean, aren't cucumbers just a lot of water?  Well, yes, and so much more. Cucumbers are also high in antioxidants (which helps your skin glow, fade dark spots, and tighten pores) and the skin of the cucumber contains high amounts of silica which plump wrinkles and boost collagen. 

My friend swears by them and says she does a mini cucumber mask EVERYDAY! Excessive...but I have to say, her skin looks younger than mine! No joke. 

The trick is to use a mandolin.  This way you can slice the cucumber super thin so that it stays on your face.  If you have thick slices of cucumber on your face... you won't be able to move at all without them falling off.  The paper thin slices allow the cucumber to mold to your a sheet mask!  Don't forget to keep the skin on, it's the best part. 

If you don't have a mandolin or the knife skills to slice super thin, you can also use a cheese grater and grate the cucumber...but this can get a little messy (especially if you are a mover and a shaker). 

After doing this even once you'll see the difference immediately and wake up the next morning with a glow!  Now, imagine doing it everyday!