Elizabeth Dehn: Vitamin C Body Oil

I've been really into body oils.  FEZ was totally a gateway drug into this wonderful world of healing, soothing and deliciously smelling lotion alternatives.  But, for those of you who prefer a livelier, more uplifting...and should I say 'upbeat' scent, then I'd go straight for this one.  It smells like tropical fruit and dessert islands!  Where FEZ transports you to a temple in Bali, Elizabeth Dehn's Body Oil takes you straight to the Caribbean with all you can drink piña colada.  Perfect for this increasingly hot weather.  

The scent is stand out, but what I really love about this product is how active it is.  So active in fact that there's a warning not to use this on your face!  My skin feels so much smoother and healthier thanks to the exfoliating and brightening effects of papaya enzymes.  Oh, and I seriously love the texture.  It's creamier than the straight up body oils and melts into your skin really easily.  A little goes a long way. 

Best move would be to leave this in your shower... immediately after toweling off, smear some on your body parts... then follow with your regular skincare routine.   

This is the first Elizabeth Dehn product that I've tried...and it won't be the last. 

You can get it here