Give-A-Hoot and Join the Movement: Beauty Counter


Did you know that your daily skincare routine could be causing more damage than good?  All those products we put onto our skin to brighten, tighten and plump can actually be quite lethal.  I've never heard of anyone croaking from their eye cream, but then again,  some of the ingredients in my toners, lotions and potions sound pretty hairy and maybe I shouldn't ignore it anymore. 


Gregg Renfrew, founder of Beautycounter, is an advocate, activist and beauty fanatic in the purest form.  Her and her team Give-A-Hoot about what we're putting into our bodies and what we're doing to this planet, all in the name of 'beauty'.  The company's mission is to educate families about toxic chemicals, particularly the ones in our beauty routine and to create products that are safe and effective as well as affordable and chic. 

What is truly beautiful about Beautycounter is the list of ingredients that they use in their Face and Body Collection: aloe vera, coconut oil, rosewater and lemon grass to name a few...yummy right? Additionally, they've created a "Never List" to warn beauty conscious women and men alike about the harmful ingredients we should steer clear from.  (I immediately made sure these 'Never' ingredients weren't in any of the products I was currently using.) 

Let's just say I'll be incorporating Beautycounter into my daily routine very soon. 

I'll be doing a review on their products soon!  For now, take a look at their wonderfully edited line and highly informative website here

And check out their story:

You can purchase Beautycounter products here