Give A Hoot: Maasai Project for Pikolinos

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Maasai Project

Maasai Project

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"Help Means Life"

Pikolinos is a 'more than a shoe' company whose mission is to provide the endangered Kenyan tribe, Maasai, with a better quality of life. Olivia Palermo is the new Ambassador of the Maasai Project and writes, "The Pikolinos team supplies Maasai women with the leathers and materials used in the production of their brand’s shoes. The result is a gorgeous sandal collection, hand embroidered by Maasai women with the patterns, colors and designs that convey their unique cultural identity."

Palermo goes onto write, "Pikolinos has been able to create 1400 jobs for the Maasai women. Thanks to Pikolinos, Maasai women now earn stable wages for the first time in their lives (something that only men had the right to do before)."

We have come so far in the US with women's rights, but we mustn't forget that many women in the world still live in a very different reality. 

Now, I know that sandals don't exacntly scream Fall Fashion.  However, the weather has been strangely warm in NY and for those of you who live out west, well then, there is no excuse not to pick a pair up.

Look good, Feel good.