H2O for the Skin

If you use a water purifier (Brita for example), then I'm assuming you're aware of how dirty your tap water is.  If you won't drink it...then how come you're cool washing your face with it two plus times a day?  All those harsh chemicals and hard minerals can really do a number on your skin.  That's why I love using toners, facial mists and Avène Eau Thermale to "neutralize," balance and soften my skin after cleansing. 

I'm not a scientist (obviously) or a dermatologist and "neutralizing" your skin is, in all honesty, something I just heard someone say/ read about/ picked up through the years.  Who the hell knows if this is true (well some people might, and if so leave a comment below). 

Yet, it makes total sense to me and after using it my face feels "neutralized," balanced and softer, which makes me happy.  So, I continue to do it. 

Oh, and I also saw it on this video from Into The Gloss (which is basically my skincare bible).


Have you incorporated thermal sprays into your routine?

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