Honeybee Gardens: Toxin Free Eyeshadows

1) Tippy Taupe

A cool taupe with a lavender undertone when applied

2) Cameo

Very pale beigey pink.  Great as a base shadow.

3) Dragonfly

Highly pigmented royal purple.

4) Pacific

Highly pigmented jewel blue. 

I've been on the hunt for a clean line of eye shadows that can replace my dirtier (but amazingly effective) ones.  My favorites have always been Lancome and Dior and to this day, I haven't been able to switch them out for a toxin free formula.  Because my eyelids are smaller and slightly hooded, eye shadows don't seem to wanna stick around.  By midday- even when I'm wearing a long lasting formula- the shadows have creased and migrated...it ain't cute. 

Honeybee Garden's is my first attempt at a cleaner eye shadow and I'm pretty impressed by their shade selection and pigmentation.  Though they don't stay put for long either, I don't feel guilty re-applying when I need to, since the ingredients are so safe. 

I love the colors.  They're all rich and beautiful.  I used a slight wash of Tippy Taupe and Dragonfly and then lined the lash line with Pacific.  Very subtle, but that's how I like it.  I belong to the school of, "no makeup/makeup" look. 

PS- don't you just love my "Shadow Book" from Etsy.  I got it here.

You can get your Honeybee Pressed Eye Shadow Singles here.