If You Watch One Thing Today: Addiction Poem

Poem By In-Q:

So this is living

Every single day is like a blessing we've been given

I keep my scars hidden behind the bars of this prison

I keep my flaws tucked, right behind my front, sucking up this blunt

I don't give a

Hey what's up

How you been

Cool man I'm doing me

Chiller than the Artic but burning like a third degree

I'm open like a surgery

I'm searching for a crutch

It's as natural as putting antiseptic on a cut

Heal me

I fiend for my fix

There's a void on the inside

I fill it up with fluff to avoid where my sins lie

I'm talking puppy dogs and ice cream

Caffeine, nicotine, puffing on a pipe dream

Daddy needs a new pair of anything

Maybe you relate

Lay your head upon my pillow, wake up with a clean slate

I thought that if I found out who I was

Away from anything I'd ever tried to use to catch a buzz

I would build a better me

So I did

Delving into all of the hurt I had hid since a kid

Everytime I felt the urge I would hold on

I want to reach the other side, my goal's to be headstrong

When right feels dead wrong

When night feels too long

When life feels too long

When hindsight is blinding and reminding us to hold on

You're not alone

We've all been there together

We're facing the storm because bad weather ain't forever

We're breaking the norm

To see if maybe there is more

But we'll never know until we're on the other side of that door

I don't want to use you for anything

Abuse you for anything

Or lose you to anything

Love is not obsession, there are no strings attached

So I cant love you if I'm like yeah but there's a catch

I want freedom from desire because this moment is real

They speak about courage but they don't own how they feel

I want to scream truth

Just to hear it echo back

I don't need your validation this is truly where I'm at

See this poem is for the lost and the found

Who've been tossed to the ground

Who've been crossed by their friends

Get up stand your ground again

Make your heart the strongest muscle that you've got

Then let it guide you in the dark

Until you reach the other side