It's fall, wear sunscreen

I bought this product several months ago, in the dead of summer, along with a butt load of other sunscreens to try.  I really loved it, but it was too rich for the NYC heat.  It's perfect, however, for the current climate and that's why I waited until now to share this wonder with you. 

The adult in us must ALWAYS wear matter what the season is.  The three-in-one product is the perfect formula for this dry and chilly fall. 

1) It moisturizes: hyaluronic acid, jojoba, cucumber extract, aloe vera- which rejuvenates dry and dull skin and promotes the production of new cells and collagen.

2) Primes: Wait a minute or two for the product to completely absorb into the skin and you will be left with a smooth base for makeup application

3) Natural sun protection: Zinc Oxide 20%

Unlike a lot of natural sunscreens, this doesn't leave a white cast on your face, doesn' feel chalky or greasy and smells like cucumbers.
It's perfect for those days when I'm feeling really lazy and want to go super natural.  I skip the BB cream and just put this on, some blush, curl my lashes (always) and I'm good to go. 


You can get Suntegrity here