Kjaer Weis: The Face

I've been wanting to try other products from Kjaer Weis after I fell in love with their mascara a few months ago.  It just never seemed like the right time to buy something new- I still had a lot of RMS left, #NoBuyJanuary, not to mention their line costs a pretty penny.  However, when I saw this Limited Edition Cheek and Lip Valentines Day set, I knew that the time had come.  

Cream Blush in Lovely: Is a perfect cool, rosy shade that is a pleasure to put on, leaves a dewy look on your skin and lasts a surprisingly long time.  Also, it's very pigmented and you can definitely build up the color to make it pop.  

Lip Tint in Romance: This bright coral is also super pigmented and shockingly bright if you put too much on. I opted to use only a single swipe of color on my bottom lip and then press.  It leaves behind a nice pinky hue, just enough to look like you care.   The texture is satiny with very little gloss.   

Oh.  Did I mention that I also threw in their Cream Foundation in Just Sheer?  As you can see from the swatch comparison, it's slightly darker and more yellow than RMS in #22.  It doesn't match my winter skin complexion as well as the RMS, but I'm expecting that once I get a little color in the spring/ summer, Just Sheer will be just perfect.  

It does provide slightly stronger coverage than the Un Cover-Up which can come in handy when you have a zit or two.  The finish is also more satiny where as the RMS Un Cover-up has a dewier finish. Personally, I like both and I think you need both depending on the occasion.  Maybe RMS for day and Kjaer Weis for night.  

As you can see from this look, I don't like wearing a lot of makeup- especially during the day when I'm going to work.  If you don't build up the color, the foundation let's your natural skin show through- you can still see some circles and the cheek isn't as bright as it can be. 

All in all, I'm really happy to have this in my makeup repertoire.  It's a nice change from my RMS products and my Josie Maran Cheek Gelee.  


You can get your V-Day Limited Edition Set here and Just Sheer here.