Konjac Sponge

I discovered this little sponge in Kyoto during my recent trip to Japan.  Actually, I discovered a lot of beauty items that I never saw before during that trip (black soap) and this one, at first sight, appeared to be the least interesting.  But, like any good beauty hoarder, I threw one into my shopping basket and called it a day.  It wasn't until I got home and started researching Konjac sponges that I began to understand just how wonderful this little thing was.

As you might have read from previous posts (aka, natural deodorant...yes, I'm that girl now) I'm trying to "clean up" my skincare routine and only use products that are safe for my body.  What could be safer than a 100% natural sponge made from vegetable fibers!  Not only does this little thing cleanse and exfoliate but also helps to balance the PH of your skin. 

The one I got is exclusive to Kyoto.  But, Konjac sponges are all the rage now and popping up in beauty stores everywhere.  Some brands even incorporate clay powders into their sponges boosting the benefits.  Personally, I like mine 100% Konjac...so I'd look for the white one. 

TIP: Use the sponge to clean your face in the morning when you don't have makeup on but want to refresh your skin from all those skincare products you slathered on the night before.  Fastest morning routine ever!


You can get yours here