Korean Skincare Does It Again

You all know that I'm a huge fan of Asian Skincare.  Not only because...well, I'm Asian and all the research and development for Asian brands were geared towards my skin type, making it (in theory) more effective for my skin...but also because skincare in Asia is so deeply imbedded into its culture that the industry is simply more competitive, producing higher expectations for products and ultimately better products.  Asian brands also tend to favor more natural ingredients, setting the bar high in science-meets-nature model. 

You can read more about it here (a wonderful interview done with my Peach and Lily ladies). 

Be The Skin is a wonderful Korean brand that harnesses the power of Botanical Herbs to soothe your skin woes.  I've been trying the Botanical Pore Serum for a few weeks now...suggested to me by the Peach and Lily gals to help with my congestion and recent break outs.  

WOW.  This (combined with another Korean product that I'm LOVING- review coming) has given me back the skin I had pre-blogging (that is- pre testing too any products on a regular bases making my skin super pissed off).    

After washing my face, I pat a small pump of serum all over my skin and it keeps it feeling balanced and less oily all day.  My pores also look more refined (though we all know by now that pores can't actually shrink- it's genetics- but, cleaner pores do look smaller).  

The only con is that the final ingredient is ...fragrance.  eek.  However, almost all the other ingredients are safety level green according to COSDNA.    

Thank you Korean skincare for having done it again and doing it so well...and thank you Peach & Lily for making it super easy to get my hands on these innovative products! 

You can get it here