Little Wonder: Emmy's Organics

Everyone likes Macaroons!

Yes, everyone likes Macaroons.  When I think of Macaroons, however, I don't think RAW, VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE.  I think coconut, butter, chewy, goodness.  So, when Emmy's Organics reached out to me, asking to see if I'd like to try their organic treats, I was conflicted.  They had recently read my review on Organic Avenue and I think they were under the impression that I was the healthy type.  Don't get me wrong, I have big dreams to be the healthy type one day– to love green juice more than cream soda, to crave kale salad more than steak frites– but it's easier said than done.


Enter Shanti:Meet my best friend Shanti.  She on the other hand is a pillar of good health and healthy eating.  She is OBSESSED with these Emmy's Organics Macaroons– particularly the Dark Cacao kind.  Shanti has been raving about Emmy's for quite some time now and has been pushing me to try them.

So, it was actually serendipitious that I was sent a wonderful package filled with a variety of macaroons to sample!

What I initially thought would be "work" was actually nothing short of delicious fun.

My husband and I broke into each beautifully packaged bag– one my one, tasting the RAW, VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE goodness we never knew existed. Now, it wasn't buttery (obviously) but it was coconutty and chewy and it definitely makes my on again/off again relationship with healthy living much easier to stay on... again!

Side note: I am suppose to share my lovely samples with Shanti who has been eagerly waiting to taste some of their other flavors– choco chili, chai spice.  Let's just hope we don't eat them all before I see her next! 

Emmy's Organics

  • Delicious, energy enriched food
  • They use the best possible ingredients that leave you feeling amazing!
  • No GMOS: genetically modified organisms- gross
  • Why RAW: "By not cooking your food you are maintaining the enzymes and vitamins that naturally reside in it."
  • They give 1% of their annual sales to "1% For The Planet" (you know how I love do gooder- GIVE A HOOT!)
  • They are committed to taking care of our bodies as well as the planet.  Read their impressive list of sustainable practices and do gooderism (yes, I just made that word up).