Little Wonder: Lasers

Bellair Laser Clinic

Like most Asian skin, I am prone to hyperpigmentation.  Couple that with my affinity to pick and poke, I am left with little dark spots/ scars on my face- a lot of them.  Lasers are HUGE in Asia.  I mean, people get them on the regular– during their lunch break, on the way to coffee with friends, after a stressful day.  It's as routine as a facial or a massage.  In the US– though it's becoming more mainstream– laser services (other than for hair removal) haven't reached the magnitude of popularity like in Asia.  After WEEKS of researching (reviews, cost, laser technology) I decided that Bellair Laser Clinic would be my introduction into the world of lasers- and hopefully a spot free life (if only temporarily). 

I decided on the 2D package which includes: Photo Rejuvenation and Laser Genesis

Photo Rejuvenation, more popularly known as Photo Facials, treat (according to their website):
• Hyperpigmentation
• Age spots/sun spots
• Diffused redness and small facial capillaries
• Uneven skins and dull complexions
• Fine lines and mild scarring
• Overall skin appearance

OURexperience: So far, I only had one session.  SOME of the dark spots (mostly my freckles) darkened up after the procedure and then 'fell off'– pretty cool.  The scars weren't effected as much as I would have liked but I will make sure to tell them to focus on the scars next time.  Over all, it worked on several of the dark hyperpigmentation spots and my skin was 'brighter' because of it. 

Laser Genesis treats (according to their website):
• Texturally damaged skin (scarring)
• Diffused Redness
• Fine lines
• Tone by stimulating collagen production

OURexperience: I didn't really see any difference in this area at all– maybe because I didn't really need it.  I wouldn't say it was a bust because it recommends a few sessions to see the effects and I only did one.  I guess we will see.

Total Experience with Bellair: Their quality of service is impeccable.  Joelle in particular was amazing.  She consults with you prior to your services and answered all my questions, during, after, weeks after.  She really made the experience feel safe and pleasant. The Clinic itself has a medical spa feel, very clean and luxurious.  Before you get your lasers done, they perform a complete Skin Analysis using a Profecta Studio Pro. The consultation and the skin analysis are complimentary!

OURtips: They offer a range of laser services so make sure you do your own research and consult with Bellair before you commit.  Find the laser that works best for your skin concerns.  They offer deals once in a while.  I've even seen them on Gilt.  Call them and see if they will honor an old deal that you've come across or if they have any new ones. 

*I didn't take any before and after pictures because who the hell wants to see scabs 'fall off' my face- right?  They have plenty of before and after pictures on their site here

ps- I am not an expert on Lasers, just a google freak.  Please consult with a professional and ask A LOT of questions before you commit- check out their FAQ

pps– wear sunscreen, before, after, all the time!


Have you ever tried lasers for your skin?  If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will get back to you asap :)