Little Wonder: Rome

Growing up, my parents always took us everywhere with them.  At a very young age, my sister and I were fortunate enough to see amazing places that typically eleven and twelve year olds only dreamt of.  I have vivid memories of trying fondue at a cozy restaurant in Switzerland, seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time at the Louvre, eating delicious street food at a night market in Taipei.  I believe that being exposed to different cultures early on in my life helped open my mind to outside worlds and endless possibilities. 

One place that I hadn't been, except of late, was Italy.  I had been longing to go there for quite some time– yes for the fashion, yes for the history, yes for the architecture, double yes for the food.  For my 31st birthday, my husband and I decided to finally do it!

Words can't describe how wonderful this trip was (one of us literally gained 10 pounds).  Of course I love to look at photos of fashion and food, however, I believe that pictures of regular people– locals in their day to day– really capture the essence of a new place.