Little Wonder: The Perfect EyeBrows


I am a big believer that eyebrows make the face– think Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, Audrey Hepburn.  Unfortunately for me, I was cursed with thin, patchy, shapeless brows. I have always lusted after those bushy, thick, slightly arched brows which seem to sculpt the face that only high fashion models donned.  

Enter Manana. 

She has brought new life, shape and style to my brows that I couldn't have imagined.  Manana is able to see past the patchy mess and literally bring out a brow that is slightly angled, thick (as mine can be) and perfect for my face shape.

My brows couldn't be happier.  Trust me, once you go Manana, you will never go back. 

Manana @ Frederic Fekkai

Brows, $47 plus tax and tip

712 Fifth Ave.