Lust List: Labor Day Weekend Shopping



1) JBrand 901 Waxed Legging Jeans– because who the hell can afford real leather jeans. 

2) Dogeared Infinite Love Bracelet: (gold dipped with red Irish linen)  I love the simple and delicate look of this bracelet.  Red string in my culture is good luck; pairing it with a gold infinity sign makes it double awesome.  You can wear it alone or get a few different ones (they have so many on their site) and stack them.

3) Shoemint: As you may know, I am a huge 'BeachMint' fan (Stylemint, Jewelmint, Shoemint). I like this Esther bootie because it can go with any outfit (dress, shorts, Waxed Leggings) and any look (boho, rocker, preppy).  The Esther also comes in a cool Leopard print which I'm eyeing. 

4) My mom got this sample set of NEST Candles for me when I moved into my new apartment.  This is a fun way to try all of the amazing NEST scents.  Scented candles are an easy way to boost your mood or chill you out.  (OURtip: my favorite is Grapefruit)


Happy Lusting,