Lust Worthy Yojiya

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick.  What I've come to accept is that this may be a life long and perhaps- ultimately- unattainable goal for me.  My skin tone is somewhere between cool and warm/ yellow and blue, leaving me with many shades that look almost right but not quite there.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to go to Japan and had high hopes of discovering a shade that suited my Asian skin.  

My ideal red is one that pops, the kind of red that makes an outfit– a show-stopping, Taylor Swift red- yes, I just said that.

Unfortunately, though I searched high and low for a red that screams wow, I left Asia empty handed. 

Well, almost.  I did find this wonderfully creamy, easy to wear, brick red shade from Yojiya. Even though wearing it doesn't feel like I'm channeling my inner Marilyn, it does do a very good job as an everyday lipstick- adding oomph to my cut-off's and white T.  

Sorry ladies, if you like this, you'll need to fly to Japan and get it.  Unfortunately this is another Kyoto exclusive.  So, why am I sharing this with you then?  Well, it's just too good not to.  Plus, if you're planning a trip to the far east anytime soon, you can make plans to pick some up! 

Don't forget to get me one! I definitely need a back up.

PS- It has been rumored that the Geisha's of Kyoto love Yojiya products. 


Happy Lusting,