Magical Indigo: A New Trend In Skincare

No, it doesn't turn your skin blue. 

It does, however, soothe, nourish and heal in a way that seems as magical as the color suggests.  Apparently, during the Edo Period, Japan's Samurai wore a layer of indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor to aid in the healing of injured skin, earning it the nickname "Samurai Blue." 

I'd say, "what will they come up with next," but the truth is indigo has been used for centuries.  As a matter of fact, Tatcha discovered this little secret while traveling in Japan, after stumbling upon a 200-year old book containing beauty rituals of the geisha.  From that book, they learned about the magic of indigo.  There's something very mysterious and mystical about that story isn't there?

After only a few weeks of using both the Soothing Silk Body Butter and the Soothing Silk Hand Cream, my winter skin has transformed, looking healthy and hydrated all day long.

Both of the creams are really light, almost a whipped texture, and immediately penetrates into the skin.  There's no blue residue, so you won't look like a smurf- I promise.  

Indigo is also a great anti-inflammatory and remarkably effective at relieving symptoms of dermatitis. 

This is definitely a very special product.  I almost feel like I'm applying something medicinal every time I use it.  The great thing is it doesn't smell medicinal, it doesn't really smell like anything...simple and subtle. 

And of course, these products (like all TATCHA products) are formulated without parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates

So what do you think?  Buying into the magic of indigo?

If so, then buy it here.