Nike Sky Hi Dunks: City Pack

I've been lusting for these ever since I saw them on The Man Repeller's Instagram a few month's ago.  Like all true obsessions go, I voraciously scoured the world wide web hunting for these magnificent shoes.  What are they? How much? Where can I get them!? 

Five emails, four facebook posts, 3 tweets and two phone calls later, I finally arrived at the answer...they are the "Nike Dunk Sky Hi Limited Edition City Pack in New York" (try to say that in one breathe, I've been practicing for two months). 

Six more emails, four more facebook posts, and two VERY important phone calls to VERY important people later, I came to the grim reality that I was NOT going to get these shoes when I wanted them (which was immediately).  Apparently before they were even released to the public, there was already an unimaginably long waiting list.  The only glimmer of hope I had was that their global release was to be on March 27th– my birthday.  Serendipitous to say the least. 

5 long hours, 4 games of Words With Friends, two conference calls and one amazing husband standing in the bitter cold since 7:30 in the morning later...I had my Nike Dunk Sky Hi Limited Edition City Pack in New York for my birthday.  BAM. Thank you Anthony, I love you!