Organic Avenue

The food of LOVE

It is difficult for me to stay healthy, I mean really difficult.  I can't commit to eating fruits and vegetables or to working out.  "Something" always seems to get in the way and my excuses keep getting better.  The gym is now a distant stranger and "indulge" is no longer an accurate word since sweets are a part of my everyday diet.  This is all good– I say live your life– however, my energy has been down lately and my skin's not as glowy as I'd like, and I like glowy skin!  Because we lack commitment, my husband and I tend to jump on the health trend bandwagon.  We are into anything that will ignite, or reignite our desire to live a healthier life. 

Juice cleanses have been around for a long time and a while back we decided to give it a go.  There are tons of brands out there and each of them indorsed by a celebrity or fitness guru.  If you know me, you know that I am a google freak!  I like to google and research everything before I commit to anything.  Ignorance is NOT bliss in my book.  After weeks of research, my husband and I decided to go with Organic Avenue (Gwyneth/GOOP indorsed).  It was the pricier option of the bunch, but it seemed to be the most reliable, (according to the reviews) the most delicious and basically in a league of its own. 

My husband decided to go big or go home.  He chose the LOVE DEEP cleanse which is an all liquid cleanse for five days.  I am not as bold and need FOOD so I went with the LOVE FAST cleanse which included Organic Avenue made soups and salads.


AMAZING!  I mean AMAZING!!!  The juices were delicious, as were the soups and salads.  I have to admit that the less green the juice was the more yummy.  However, the green ones were drinkable and fresh and made you feel energized and healthy– which is the point.  Please note that my husband loved the green ones and even preferred them over the pear juice and the apple juice– I know, crazy right?  The best part of the cleanse was the little booster shot of E3 Live every morning.  This elixir made us feel ALIVE!  I mean, you were charged, clear, floating– amazing!


  • Organic Avenue delivers!
  • They have almost 9 locations throughout NYC so its convenient to stay healthy.
  • The dandelion-kale salad is my favorite food product.
  • They have the best coconut water on the planet (or at least in NYC).
  • Coconut Mylk- it's like a coconut milkshake!  
  • You have the option of two different types of bottles for your juices when ordering: glass or their bio-bottle.  The glass is a great way to drink juice- cleaner, greener, all around better (but it's not very convenient to lug around).  The bio-bottles are biodegradable and compostable and the best part is that they do not leach harmful chemicals into the juice, like petroleum plastics can!
  • Opt for the 5 days plan- or longer.  You won't start feeling great until the third day so the three day plan is just too short.
  • Don't go crazy!!!  If you drink the juices for 5 days and you don't cheat on cake or steak, I say it's ok to throw in an OA salad or soup here and there.  Otherwise, it'll be hard to commit and you won't ever want to do this again- which is NOT the point. 
  • OA offers regular deals on Gilt and Groupon so keep a look out.

Still wondering.... Read more about Organic Avenue on GOOP or on their website (sample menu also available).