OURbeauty: Dr. Hauschka

Oil + Oil = NO OIL?

Well, when it comes to Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Day Oil, that just might be the perfect formula.  I am really into Face Oils.  I have tried everything from Rodin to Maran to Shiseido to Mule.  The truth is, I WANT to love them more than I actually do.  The concept is perfection– all natural, low maintenance, all in one.  Massaging on face oil somehow seems simpler than lathering on face cream– like I'm going back to basics.  Yet, no matter how many different ones I've tried and no matter how hard I will it to work, these face oils don't seem to settle right with my skin. 

I have combination skin that leans towards the oilier side (depending on weather and activity).  The face oil initially leaves my skin supple and glowy but near mid-afternoon my face is greasy and by the end of the day, there are tiny little white head break outs!

In my final attempt to make this love and hate relationship with face oils work, I headed to my local Whole Foods and picked up some Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil.  To my surprise this face oil really worked exactly as it said it would.  It balanced my skin and seemed to suck up the extra oil that I was producing.  It does such a great job that I would not recommend this for people with dryer skin as this may be too drying.  But, for those of us with combo or oily skin, this face oil is surprisingly effective.


  • Dr. Hauschka recommends not to use any oil based moisturizer at night since that's the optimum time for your skin to detox
  • Therefore, only use this during the day- hence "Day Oil"
  • Apply on clean face after toner and essence or serum (if you use).
  • Just dab 4 or so drops onto your palm and massage into your face- that might sound excessive but the opening of the bottle only lets outs a tiny amount of product. 
  • Has a mild earthy smell, definitely not as strong as Rodin who's infamous for its strong scent. 

Still wondering..........read more about it on their website or other reviews here!

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