OURbeauty: Mackage Leather Jacket

Who isn't on the hunt for The Perfect Leather Jacket?  Well, I finally found mine (at least for this season)!  I gotta tell you, it wasn't easy.  Walking into Aritzia/Soho is always overwhelming- in a very good way.  I love their simple, flowy style with a bit of boho and a dash of edge.  My eyes darted straight for the new Veda leather jacket from their fall collection.  It's similar to the Rick Owens one– asymmetrical cut with ribbed panels lining the underside of the sleeves.  Veda wasn't cheap but still half the price of the RO.  I fell in love and made it mine.  Unfortunately, when I got home I saw a small hole where the fabric met the lambskin.  To make a long, long story short, I returned it and the new one they shipped to replace it ALSO had a hole.  Needless to say, I didn't trust Veda any longer and needed to move on– we broke up.  However, there is a happy ending to this story.  The amazing gals at Aritzia helped me find my real true love- The Mackage Quella!  This lovely lambskin leather actually suits me better. It's more rugged and edgy and I think it will protect me through this season and beyond– which is all you can ask for in a partner.  More importantly, Mackage has been around forever, so I know this love has quality and will last through the years. 

What do you think?


PS– 'The Quella' is exclusively for Aritzia


Happy lusting,