OURbeauty: MCMC Perfume

'MC Dreamy Scents'

I love oil anything.  Rubbing scented oils onto my pulse points immediately brings me back to when I was a kid.  My friends and I would to go to these hippy shops that sold vintage clothes and perfume oils like patchouli and white musk.  There's something simple and earthy about perfume oils that leave you feeling natural. 


  • The scents are unique and warm. (Garden, shown above, smells like summer)
  • Hand packaged in Brooklyn, NY
  • The Perfume oils (pictured above) are 85% Organic and ALL Natural
  • MCMC creates customized fragrances! 


  • Perfume oils tend not to last as long as alcohol based perfumes so make sure to carry this portable bottle in your bag for regular touch ups.
  • Since the oils are all natural each oil might look a bit different. 
  • Store your MCMC Perfume oil in a cool, dark place like your medicine cabinet or the bottom of your bag.  Oils are sensitive to light and heat.


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