OURbeauty: Shoemint

 "The Esther"

The 'Esther' is my first purchase from the ShoeMint line.  I've bought a lot of things from StyleMint and JewelMint and have always been happy with the service and quality of their products.  Like StyleMint and JewelMint you need to become a member of ShoeMint in order to purchase their collection.  The Esther bootie is from a few months ago but you should become a member and check out this month's selection.  They are all WONDERful.


  • Leopard hair is nice in person and looks 'real'– I hate leopard hair that looks painted on or cheap.
  • Heel isn't too high (unlike many of the ShoeMint shoes) and are comfortable and wearable.
  • I like the fact that there is room around the ankle so that your skinny jeans fall nicer.  
  • I am excited to wear this with: a black leather jacket or a floral print dress or a big cashmere sweater
  • Only $79.99 plus free shipping– My first order was 50% off!


  • You can 'skip' the month between the 1st and 5th of each month and your account will not be charged
  • I always 'skip' at first and wait until the middle of the month where they usually offer special deals or 'reveal' more styles.
  • Shipping takes longer compared to other popular shoe sites (which often ship in two days for free).  I received these in two weeks.
  • I am usually in between a size 5.5 and size 6.  I went for the 5.5 and it is a bit snug.  In the future I will probably go with a 6.  For now, I will just wear thin socks.

Still wondering................

Check out their website: www.shoemint.com

(you might not be able to view their entire collection without becoming a member.  You can check out some popular styles on their facebook page.)


Happy Lusting,