OURbeauty: The Perfect Cat-Eye for Small Eyes


I am loving this Sonia Kashuk Gel Liner in Ebony.  For $8.99 at Target, you really can't lose.  I'm sure it's not the best gel liner on the market.  However, I wasn't very experienced with gel liners and wanted a cheap alternative to the more famous and more expensive Stila Smudge Pot.  This way I felt free to play, experiment and use as much of the product as I wanted.  Small eyes–that are slightly hooded–are tough to wing so you will need to try, try and try again. 

I use my MAC 208 Angle Brush to apply the perfect cat-eye.  I chose this smaller angled brush (It's actually a brow brush) to create a smaller wing.  A smaller wing is more proportionate to smaller eyes and also makes this cat-eye look subtle and everyday.

How To:

  1. After putting some product on the brush, hold it vertical against the outer corner of your eye. 
  2. Press the tip gently into the your lid following the angle of your lower lash line. 
  3. Gently line your upper lid connecting it to the wing. 
  4. Voila, this is the perfect angled wing for your perfectly subtle kitten-eye.