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Peach and Lily: It's ALIVE!

Why you should be excited

  • The girls at Peach and Lily searched high and low in order to hand select only the most effective, popular and well reviewed lines.  They are super obsessed with ingredients over there so you can bet that these products are jam packed with goodies for the skin.
  • Asian women are the gold standard when it comes to skincare.  They know what's up and THIS is what they're using.  Until now, you couldn't get most of these products in the US.
  • Waiting almost a month to get a single moisturizer or facial mask is ridiculous.  Unlike sasa or other Asia-based online stores, Peach and Lily ship to you from the US.  You'll be patting that new toner into your face quicker than you can say...Peach and Lily.  
  • Affordable! This is their first round of product releases and the lines showcased are well priced my friends! Almost nothing costs over $50.  My rule of thumb: a deal as great as that, you can't afford not to try it.  
  • They will slowly showcase 4 new lines at a time. This is just the beginning. Keep connected for future product reviews and releases! 


The Lineup

Be The Skin: Uses ageless herbs incorporating timeless traditions of balancing yin and yang.

Caolion: super buzzed about brand, uses natural ingredients and has been a staple in Korea for close to 20 years.

Sua Young: all-natural botanical ingredients, leverages 20+ years of research, and naturally fragranced products using crushed rose petals.

Tatcha: a brand that infuses the Geisha heritage into their products



Are you curious?  You totally want to try these amazing products don't you?

Here's how:

1) Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite product is. (It can be something you want to try from Peach and Lily or something you are currently using and loving) 

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Winner will be randomly selected on January 28th from one of the comments below!


PS- For those of you who can't wait and need these products in your arsenal NOW- don't forget to enter OWLVIP at checkout to receive 10% off (exclusive to OWL readers this month). 


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