Powerful essential oils to the rescue

I'm on a major essential oils kick and am blown away by their many uses.  These ones by H. Gillerman are my favorite because they're super pure and potent.  Their website is also really educational and offers a bunch of tidbits regarding alignment, health and healing. For example, "Did You Know: The way you watch TV or read in bed can give you a headache?"  The poster sized inserts that come with the oils guide you on better posture and how to use the product to release tension. 

I had a few bouts of bad sleep a few months ago and the Sleep Remedy knocked me out.  It was crazy how effective this little oil was at helping me fall asleep.  The Tensions Remedy is equally powerful and leaves this intense tingle on your neck after application.  Like a natural icy hot, you can feel the tension melt away. The Jaw Clenching Remedy is great for soothing tense jaws in the morning or at the end of a stressful day. 

I hate takng medicine, especially when a softer, more natural remedy is out there...that really works.  There are a lot of watered down versions though, so make sure to get a brand that is truly pure and potent. 

You can get H. Gillerman here. HOOT LOOT: Use code- 'OURWONDERLUST' to get $5 off!