Spill It: Come As You Are Beauty Tag. What's in your makeup bag...right this minute!

I was tagged by the lovely Naturally Paula and the tag was created by Katie from Green Product Junkie.

From Katie's original blog post:

"My beauty tag is a "Come As You Are" party for the makeup bag.  This means that I want to see exactly what's in your makeup bag AS YOU NOW READ THIS.  However...I don't want you to add things, to run and go get something to make yourself look cooler (how would that be possible, anyway?) Just simply, SPILL IT. That's right, spill your makeup bag on the table, the carpet, the couch and take a picture and then explain what you've got and what's going on in there.  Have fun and remember...no staging, let's keep this real."  
So here it goes:

Tatcha Blotting Papers- a must in every makeup bag.  I use it at then end of my work day before heading to dinner or out with friends. 
Sephora mirror
Alexis Smart Flower Remedies- full review coming soon!
Tatcha Indigo Hand Cream- full review Wednesday!


My makeup bag pretty much tells you that:

1) I never leave home without a strong brow 

2) My skin is combination so depending on the weather I either need a quick mist or a blot

3) I love red...red cheeks and lips.  Plus my skin is on the yellow/olive side so the brick red is perfect for me.

4) AND...I'm all about de-stressing and self care- hence the sweet orange, aromatherapy and flower remedy that boosts self love!

PS- You like my OurWonderLust makeup bag?  I got several of them made last Christmas and filled them with my favorite beauty products for my favorite ladies. 

What's in your make up bag...I am curious!  I #tag Sarita from Peace On The Skin & Peace Within and Mary B from Makeup by Mary B.

Thanks for playing and the rules are that you need to tag some other green beauty bloggers, keep the title as it is and, of course, have the best time.