S.W. Basics- The Toner

My holy grail toner has always been the Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner.  It did miracles on my skin but now that I'm turning over a clean leaf, I've been on the hunt for an organic replacement.  I've heard awesome things about S.W Basics, their simple ingredients and cool Brooklyn brand.

The main ingredient is apple cider vinegar and the strong scent of it takes a bit getting used to.  But, my skin is left feeling clean and refreshed without the tightness.  This tiny bottle (1oz) at $12 is definitely pricey but worth a try if you're looking for an effective cotton pad toner.  Though the 1oz bottle comes with a spray top, it's intended to be used on a cotton pad, which I prefer over the plethora of new mist toners coming out– It leaves my skin feeling cleaner.  

You can get it here

What toxin free toner are you using?  Suggestions appreciated!