Tata Harper: The Deluxe Beauty Set

There's so much buzz around the Tata Harper line that I had to see for myself if Tata was worth the hype.  My sister's a huge fan...and she isn't even into skincare, so that's saying a lot.  I decided that the best way to dive in was through the Deluxe Beauty Set, which offers generous samples of their most popular products (lasts about two weeks give or take).

General thoughts:

  • ALL the products smell really healing and yummy...like a spa filled with essential oils.
  • I think the line is best suited for normal/dry/sensitive skin types.  The products feel really mild on my face...so, great if you already have wonderful skin or are looking for something simple...not so great if you have acne and need something very active and strong.
  • I like the texture of all the products (creamy, light, absorbs well). 

The Breakdown:

Refreshing Cleanser- eh.  Out of the lineup, I like this one the least. Personally, I need my face wash to lather a bit (like the Tammy Fender Purifying Cleansing Gel), unless it's an oil cleanser.  But this has a lotion consistency and doesn't feel like it cleanses my skin at all...actually the cotton pad (still slightly dirty) proves it. 

Hydrating Floral Essence- This is an amazing mist toner if you are into mist toners.  I like to tone with a cotton pad and it worked well at soothing my skin and keeping it balanced. 

Rejuvenating Serum-  Feels more like a lotion than a serum, but sinks into the skin nicely and gives your face a slight glow.

Rebuilding Moisturizer-  Really simple moisturizer.  Like I said, it doesn't feel like it has a lot of active ingredients in it...it's just a simple, wonderful smelling, no frills moisturizer for normal skin.  I definitely don't look like a grease ball at the end of the day...which I'm happy about. 

In the end...I said tata to Tata and gave the entire collection to my sister way before finishing it.  I knew within the first week that it wasn't suited for my oily/combo skin type with minor breakouts.  I needed something with a lot more oomph.  I would, however, highly suggest this to people with awesome skin or normal skin that doesn't need a lot of anything...just simple, safe and clean stuff.

Watch this to learn more about the Tata Harper line...

Have you tried Tata Harper... what are your thoughts?  

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