Thankful: Ling

In honor of Thanksgiving (month),  I will be doing a "Thankful" segment for every Friday in November.  Each week, I will share with you one person in my life that I am thankful for and some of the things in their life that they are thankful for.  These things might be heartwarming, some may be odd, and many will be lust worthy.

To kick off this series and the thankful spirit, I would like to introduce to you my sister:


 Ling (she's the little one being strangled)

Like most sisters, Ling and I have been through our stages.  As young children we were inseparable, as tweens we were intolerable, as teens we were estranged, as young adults we were allies and now, as adults we have become each other's confidant. 

I told her to email me some of her favorite things and I wasn't surprised by what I received in my inbox later that day.  She has always been the "simple life" kind of girl and it doesn't take much to make her happy.


A little sauce goes a long way...


She's addicted (and I think it's suppose to be non-addictive)


Love this necklace.  Hers is in Rose Gold!


Now we're talking... (Jimmy Choo's a choo choo!)


He makes her lunch everyday...(love)

So that's a little window into Linger's world:

Saucy, glossy and a whole lotta love.