Thankful: Sydni

Sydni came into my life at a time when Wigwams and Birkenstocks were the hottest trends– if not only in northern NJ. I had perfected drawing the "Super S" and couldn't get enough Stussy shirts and lanyard bracelets if I tried.  Our friendship thrived through French cuffed jeans, hot pink hair, second base and broken hearts.  She was the one person I could count on to do something crazy– anything crazy– just because it made us feel free.  I will never forget that afternoon we cut class and drove to the Jersey shore.  We spent all day at the beach letting the cold waves thrash against our self-manicured toes...dreaming about the future.   

To my oldest friend, to my "soul sister," I am thankful for you. 


Here are a few of her favorite things...

A ring we got together at her last visit to NY


Her favorite eye cream (that I introduced to her!)

She is obsessed with this REN Facial Scrub


For her babies (and for her)


Because it's a staple