The Beauty Counter Lip Sheers: Swatches and Looks

Words can't describe how much I LOVE the new Beautycounter Lip Sheers.  Literally every shade is special and brings out a part of yourself that you just want to show off that day...isn't that the best thing about makeup?  Whether you feel like conjuring the sultry and sexy (Current), romantic and sweet (Rose) or need the perfect nude to show your low key/ laid back side (Twig), these lip sheers will do the trick...and will do it safely. 



Coral: Very opaque, bright peach

Current: Rich brick reddish hue

Petal: Pigmented baby pink nude

Plum: Sheer berry, wine

Rose: Warm rosey pink

Twig: Sheer brown nude

Our Lip Sheers get their soft touch from plant-based ingredients such as jojoba esters, and their light fragrance from real vanilla — not from synthetic flavors, or ingredients that are linked to health harm.


Beautycounter really outdid themselves with this formula.  The texture is smooth and luxurious and the jojoba keeps my lips hydrated all day.  It's a pleasure to re-apply when necessary, unlike most lipsticks that cake up or make your lips peely by the end of the day. 

The gloss is smooth (not sticky) and slightly shimmery.  It's a nice addition to glam up any of the Lip Sheer shades. 

I feel a little over indulgent having all six but I can't seem to part with any of them.  Each one has a place in my heart and what the hell...I might need Coral once the summer hits, or Petal for that Sunday brunch coming up, or Plum for tonight's get the point.     


You can get your Lip Sheer Set here.


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