The Body Shop Haul: Oldies But Goodies

I haven't been to The Body Shop in ages– though every time I walk past one, it takes extreme willpower not to go in.  The scent streaming out of there is always enticing. 

I guess I associate all things The Body Shop with all things tweenager.  Yes, I was obsessed with them back in the day when i needed to smell like strawberries and white musk, but was I too 'mature' for it now?  

I came across a Body Shop haul video from EssieButton a few days ago where she bought a butt load of stuff during their 40% off sale.  She was so excited about reconnecting with some of her favorite oldies but goodies that I started to get nostalgic...and only The Body Shop would do.  

Luckily for me, The Body Shop has sales on the regular and was once again offering 40% off site wide! Say it with me ladies..."You can't afford not to buy it!" That a girl.  

Total classic.  I tried my best not to go mango or strawberry this time.  These two are Essie's favorites and since I've been on a huge coconut kick lately, I decided to follow suit.  I love EVERYTHING about these butters.  They feel really rich and creamy but settle into your skin fast.  You feel moisturized all day long and smell like a piña colada- what could be better than that!

* The Vitamin E one smells and feels like Nivea.

The Banana Shampoo and Conditioner smell amazing- like banana Runts.  It's great for oily hair but not great for damaged hair.  My roots look clean well into the next day (which is a plus) but, my dry, bleached ends feel crunchier than usual.   

This stuff also smells amazing- like oranges, but not too sweet.  The oil spreads easily over damp skin and leaves your skin feeling moisturized, not dry like some body oils.

My hair is pretty stick straight and doesn't tangle easily.  I bought this because Essie said it smelled like blueberries and that she uses it as a hair perfume.  I envy those girls who always smell shower fresh because their hair holds the scent of their shampoo.  Mine, on the other hand doesn't and ends up smelling an hour or so.  A few spritz of this, however, leaves my hair smelling lust worthy!

All in all, this haul was a nice walk down memory lane.  There's something comforting about using products you grew up with.  Also, you really can't beat the the price for such high quality products, especially at 40% off.  My advise is to wait until they offer this deal again...I'm sure it'll be sooner than later.

You can get it here