The New RMS Volumizing Mascara

One of people's biggest complaints about going clean with their makeup is finding a mascara that can rival their dirty favorites (mine was Lancome Hypnose Drama).  But after trying Kjaer Weis and having such a wonderful experience with it, a new found hope had washed over me.  Though it wasn't waterproof and though it didn't oomph my lashes like Hypnose did, I was really impressed by how it kept my curl in tact and how clean and long they made them- see.  

I was inspired to give other clean mascaras a go but was still skeptical that there'd be one that could volumize my barely there lashes.  

Enter RMS Volumizing Mascara.  This new bad boy just hit the market and already has a great reputation.  The ingredients list will make you swoon and so will your lashes. 


  • Lashes looked significantly more plump and full (more than the Kjaer Weis) 
  • Boosted the length
  • Formula is wetter than the Kjaer Weis...but dries pretty quickly
  • Because formula is curl straightened out slightly.  However, the mascara made my lashes super soft (unlike dirty formulas that stiffen your lashes).  So, I was able to easily and pleasantly recurl them a touch with no pain or cracking.


The only thing missing is that it isn't (like all clean mascaras) waterproof.  So, don't watch the Notebook while wearing've been warned.  

All in all, it's a fabulous mascara and has become my official Hypnose replacement these days.  

You can get it here