The new scrunchie

Growing up in the nineties, I'm no stranger to using scrunchies as something other than to pull my hair back with.  For those of you who know what I mean, you can agree that scrunchies started the original 'arm party'.  However, as the traditional scrunchie became yesterday's news, we evolved to more boring options like the black Goody Ouchless which were strictly used for our hair. 

Thanks to Mane Message, Emi-Jay and Twistband, we're now able to bring back the 90's fad in a little less 90's way...subtler, more chic and definitely more fun.  Oh, and they also work wonders in your hair. 

Some brands have better 'elastic' hold than others.  In my experience the plain black ones from Sephora keep the tightest do and maintain elasticity the longest.  Others like Emi-Jay lose their holding power more quickly. 

Mane Message has a such a huge array of patterns and colors that I couldn't resist dropping a few packs into my shopping cart.  Unfortunately, their elasticity isn't 'going to the gym and need your hair tied back tight' strong, but they're better than other brands I've tried and cute to boot.

You can get your own arm party here


Happy Lusting,

 (wearing Stylemint Ruth T (on sale now!) / Urban Renewal Demin Shorts/ Casio Calculator Watch)