The Only (Natural) Bronzer You'll Need

For those of you who don't really know how to use a bronzer or are sooo super low maintenance that the idea of a bronzer never even crossed your mind...the Buriti Bronzer is for you. 

Much like it's more famous sister, the RMS Living Luminizer, the Buriti Bronzer is fool proof and multi-functional (a must for those who hate the hassle).  

For those of you who know how to use a bronzer (where to put it, how to contour) well, just do as you would normally do with this little magic pot.  I promise it will give you a barely there, totally natural, sun kissed look.

For those of you who want a simpler, even more natural approach...this is what I do:

1) Use it as a cream blush.  As you can see, it has a nice dusty rose tone to it and will give you a "bronzy" look vs the typical pop of pink on the cheeks.

2) Use it as a highlighter.  So, anywhere you'd highlight: above the cheek bones, inside corners of the eye.

3) Use it to create a smokey eye look.  Put it on the upper lid, and lower lid to create a soft, blurred look to your eyes- beautiful.  

4) On your lips- it's the perfect nude.  

Who would've thought this one little pot could do so many things!  Now you really want it...don't you!

You can get it here


Happy Lusting,