The Tasting Menu: Kari Gran

I love tasting menus.  I'm a curious one when it comes to food so tasting menus satisfy my need to try everything.  This, of course, is the same reason why I love starter kits.  They give me an opportunity to experiment with a brand's best products and see if I dig it before committing.  Like tasting menus, there's always one stand out dish that leaves you wanting more...that dish is the reason why you go back to the restaurant time and time again.  Well, for me, that 'dish' is the Kari Gran Lip Whip.  

Everything in the kit was absolutely 'yummy." But, the Lip Whip was what left me wanting comes in a tinted version as well.  I love the texture, the smell and most of all, how it kept my lips soft and moisturized for hours...without the lip balm hangover (you know how some products make your lips feel drier after a few hours).   

The Hydrating Tonic was also pretty special.  It did a great job at soothing and toning my skin.  Personally, I prefer to apply my tonics and toners with a cotton pad, so I removed the spray top and voila...tonic heaven.  

My husband LOVED the Essential Serum.  He said the smell reminded him of his childhood and couldn't stop smelling my that weird or love?

All in all Kari did not disappoint.  I'd go back for the Lip Whip time and time again.  

You can get your starter kit here.